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It was action all the way to the finish yesterday afternoon on Princess Wharf on the HOBART waterfront.

In the final stages one car rolled, about for four found walls and nearby farms, the Lambo that went into the cow paddock yesterday and a Ferrari both were disqualified for cheating but don’t worry the mighty Weekend Australian BMW crewed by those masters of the tarmac Michael McMIchael and yours truly went so slowly no harm could befall us.

Well except for bit where the already narrow road divided in two ….one side being blocked by a concrete block ….and no one told us….well except for the 200 spectators on the concrete block who started screaming and throwing their bodies over their kiddies because they thought we were going to land on top of them…..oh and there was the small matter of the local primary school getting all the Little’s ones in to watch the race cars go by…Michael told me the road into the school was part of the course….anyway the sausage sandwiches prepared by the parents were mighty nice…..we grabbed a few and a couple of cokes as we fishtailed past the BBQ..

Do you know a wet road makes a car slide? We found out this for ourselves as we watched the back of the car come around to the front just outside the quaintly named town of Cygnet. Cygnet is the Nimbin of Tasmania. A quirky hamlet where one can enjoy the alternative lifestyle of apples and cherries. It would be easy to make fun of a place that has only one page in the yellow pages, where the McDonald store has only one golden arch and the jail is called amoeba because it only has one cell.

We also learnt a lot of life lessons over the last week. Such as: if you don’t change your race suit, underwear or socks after four days people stop talking to you. Such as it’s better to test the brakes before you start a 200kmh race downhill through endless turns. It’s not a great feeling pushing on the brake pedal, it going to the floor and then praying to god and offering to change your whole life if only he makes the brakes work again. as it turns out my god holds grudges.

So it’s goodbye from me and good bye from Michael the nude faith healer. Look out for our next adventure/tragedy.

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Targa Tasmania – Day 4

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