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LOOK, I know many of you are already packing the Samsonite, getting the travellers cheques and pricing the duty-free smokes for your trip to Pebble Beach.

The second week of August in Pebble Beach is to car persons what New Year, Chanukah, Eid ul-Fitr and Jamshed Navaroz is to non-motorists of other religions. I’m not going to spend too much time detailing the delights of being on the Monterey Peninsula next month because you’ve heard me rabbit on about it for years. Let’s just say if you love erotic auto art, beauty, the sounds that only perfectly tuned big bore engines can make, plus free drinks, then be there or be square.

But let’s all agree on one thing. We are not going to mention the F word for the rest of the year. Dave Gooding, Rick Cole, RM, Bonhams, Russo & Steele and Mecum all will be selling Ferraris at prices that will make Monets look positively cheap. The classic car bubble won’t burst in the six Pebble Beach auctions but eventually it will. How do I know? Because the Dutch are buying every decent classic car on sale in Australia and shipping them back to clog land.

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