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HERE’S a lot of ground to cover this weekend so pay close attention.

First up, what if I said you can drive an F (remember no more mentions of the full name this year), Lamborghini, McLaren or Bugatti for $70 an hour with no annual membership fees, no insurance, no security deposit and unlimited miles? Well of course there’s a catch. Well, two main ones. First of all, the supercars are being crowd-funded, and second of all, the cars will be only in New York.

Charlie Polanco, who runs a company called Fquare, started crowd-funding farmers, buying their farms, then leasing them back with funders earning 6 per cent and a share of the profits. Charlie looked at Avis’s Zipcar model (like GoGet in Australia) and figured that if his company, Blancfleet, owned the cars rather than leased them and offered funders a timeshare, costs could come way down. Charlie already offers a new Mini Cooper for $19 a day, including everything. Other cars in the fleet include a Mercedes-Benz CLA, an Audi S4 and a Land Rover Sport.

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