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Global colding, world poverty, the Arab Spring, peak oil, economic collapse, third world debt, overpopulation, washing your car and building your own car. Yes when you want the answers to life’s biggest issues you come to the motoring section.

The go to person on car cleaning is the detailer to the stars, Sydney’s Chris Heffron. Chris is to cars what Darren Lehmann is to Australian cricket. Rule 1 is don’t use soap. “Soap strips off wax and you have got to have a lot of wax. It creates a barrier between what life throws at your car and the paint” Chris says. “Use a product like wash and wax.”

Rule 2 is use high quality products like Meguiar’s or Mothers. “Mothers is good value. Meguiar’s is what professionals use.” On the other hand Chris uses just a damp chamois for the windows. “If they are really dirty I use some vinegar and water.” Rule 3 is for wheels. “Use only non acid wheel cleaners and don’t use spray tyre gel. You’ll spend more time cleaning it of the rest of the car than using one you paint on.” Finally “nothing matches machine polishing but if you don’t have the machine have the patience”.

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